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>> reporter: employment services director lisa mallory says 90 current city employees have been or soon will be placed on administrative leave with pay, another 40 workers have already left the government. they've been getting away with it for in some cases three years? >> that is the case of. >> reporter: d.c. officials are convinced we're not talking about one organized scam. we're talking about a lot of individuals who work for the d.c. government or worked for the d.c. government at 1 time who collected unemployment benefits to which they were not entitled. we're not talking small change here. try $840,000 in total. you're glad they caught them. >> yeah, yeah. now we can get them jobs of. >> reporter: outside the employment services office today news that people have been ripping off jobless benefits did not sit well. >> wow, incredible. i think they should be prosecuted. >> reporter: the district's unemployment rate is roughly 9% not including the people who stopped looking for work. is it clear to you these people knew they were accepting benefits to which they were not
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entitled? >> they have to certify to benefits every week. so if you know that you're getting a paycheck from a d.c. government every week, you have to certify you don't have any other income. >> reporter: city employees now on leave with pay include teachers, a d.c. council staffer, a worker at the employment services office, the inspector general, d.c. attorney general and u.s. attorney's office all launching investigations. bruce johnson, 9 news now. >> lisa mallory was named director of doe last spring and she says the internal investigation is part of her effort to get rid of waste, fraud and abuse in the department. nearly two years since the uva lacrosse murder, today lawyers struggle to seat an impartial jury on day one of the trial. george huguely, v, of chevy chase appeared in the courtroom the first time today to answer charges of allegedly murdering yeardley love of cockeysville. bruce leshan is in charlottesville. how did he look today, bruce?
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>> reporter: kind of nervous, intense, kind of stared out into the audience apparently at his family. they're kind of clustered right behind him. he entered in a loud clear voice not guilty to the charge of first degree murder and to the five other counts against him. after nearly two years in jail george huguely is drawn, thin in a blazer about two sizes too large, his eyes dark around the courtroom. on the uva lacrosse field he carried 209 pounds on his 6' 2 frame. he is nowhere near that now. both his family and the family of victim yeardley love are crowded on opposite sides at the front of the courtroom. yeardley love's mother cried softly in the pink scarf she and other family members are wearing in memory of the young woman so full of promise. her murder in may, 2010 drew international attention. huguely, a young man raised in
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private schools and privilege to a wealthy old chevy chase family, allegedly admitted to breaking down his ex-girl friend's bedroom door, to banging her head against a wall until blood poured from her nose and then to tossing her aside. but he denied he hit her hard enough to kill her. the court is struggling to seat an impartial jury. nearly every potential juror says he or she has heard about the case and many say they have already made up their minds about huguely's guilt. in four hours lawyers were able only to finish questioning three potential jurors. now a couple hints today of the defense strategy, one of huguely's defense lawyers asked one of the potential jurors if he would be able to follow the judge's instruction that
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intoxication is a defense in a charge of first degree murder. so the question of intoxication may be coming up and whether that is a defense. we're also likely to hear the defense expert, a defense expert, talk about whether huguely might have died not from blunt force trauma, but from a fatal combination of the adhd medication adderall and alcohol. >> so much to talk about, but first this arduous process of jury selection, bruce. thank you. two caucuses and one primary are on the agenda for the republican presidential candidates and it's all happening tomorrow. voters head off to the polls in colorado, minnesota and missouri and as ed lawrence tells us, the candidates are paying attention to two states with caucuses. >> reporter: a small crowd cheered as newt gingrich took the stage in golden, colorado. >> i need your help tomorrow. >> reporter: the former house speaker needs a strong showing in the colorado and minnesota
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caucuses tuesday to stop mitt romney's momentum. >> he's not a bad person per se, but he's not a person who goes in there with force and will and fundamentally changes things. >> reporter: gingrich has lost ground the past two weeks. monday a prominent tea party leader said gingrich's campaign is sinking fast and that he needs to shake up his staff before it's too late. rick santorum sees an opportunity to grab gingrich supporters. >> rick santorum. >> reporter: the former pennsylvania senator is airing ads in minnesota saying he is the true conservative alternative to mitt romney. the winner in iowa is banking on the midwest for a second santorum surge. >> i think that will help reset the race. >> reporter: ron paul is counting on caucus states where he has a strong organization, but it didn't help him much in nevada where he finished third. romney's first place finish gave him 14 more delegates and he's charging ahead as frontrunner, but a new washington post poll has him trailing by six points in a head to head match-up with
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president obama. romney's campaign called the survey flawed. the candidate insists he can handle the economy better than the president. >> i'm afraid based upon the president's own standard he has failed. he does not deserve a second term. >> reporter: romney still needs to secure hundreds more delegates to win the gop nomination. edward lawrence, cbs news, los angeles. >> missouri holds its primary tomorrow, but no delegates will be awarded. so few candidates are spending any time there. the economy and prices at the pump are a key issue come election time. according to aaa, the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded is $3.48 today, nationwide $3.56, in the d.c. area and don't expect them to go down any time soon. the motor club predicts we will see prices spike next month as refineries do their annual maintenance and switch their fuel blend for summer. we all feel pressure, get to your job on time, make sure the kids get to school on time, but should being late mean you
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go to court? >> reporter: i'm peggy fox in leesburg. a waterford couple was summoned to court this morning. they'll be on trial next month because their children were excessively late to school. >> i don't think it's appropriate for the county to basically make up laws and then try to enforce them in order to intimidate or bully parents into compliance. >> we're not trying to punish children here. that's the last thing we want to do. i think we wanted to work out with the parent how can we alleviate this problem because obviously if you're late 30 times in half a year, that's a problem. >> reporter: the dennicor children have been tardy about 30 times this year. last year one was tardy 68 times, but mark dennicor, a lawyer who represents himself, says the statute doesn't apply to tardiness. >> the statutes in virginia are for basically truancy and for kids that are skipping school without their parents' knowledge and that's not our
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situation. we know exactly where they are. they're in our car and we're trying to get them there. >> reporter: peggy fox, 9 news now. >> coming up at 7:00 tonight on 9 news now english only, a second maryland county prepares to debate a bill that would establish english as its official language. we'll tell you why the lawmaker who proposed it did so and what it would actually change. still ahead in this half hour as the postal service gets high marks for its service, some local residents say they aren't seeing all that efficiency. topper? >> we got high marks for today, no doubt about it. in fact, here are the numbers. 52 and 29 go in the books. average is 44 and 27. records this date you might remember, 74 a few years ago. we'll talk about a milder tuesday and maybe a turn towards winter by midweek. up next a strike is causing some travel troubles. we'll tell you what you need to know in just two minutes.
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in tonight's consumer alerts, a strike is causing major travel hassles for people with air france. they're calling attention to a bill in parliament requiring air transport workers to give a 48 hour notice before a future strike. current strike is expected to last four days. here in the u.s. boeing is said to be ordering inspections of its new 787 dreamliners after finding a manufacturer problem. the company discovered signs of de elimination of the fuselage on the plane where layers of composite materials cracken and lose strength causing the material to separate. verizon says it will
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partner with redbox and its dvd rental kiosks to start a nationwide video streaming service later this year. verizon says the goal is to give customers access to dvd and blu-ray discs as well as streaming movies, no word on the prices or any other details of the service. still to come they swoop, they swarm. would you believe sometimes they even attack? what the experts are saying about stink bugs tonight coming up. [ male announcer ] this was how my day began. a little bird told me about a band... ♪ an old man shared some fish stories... ♪ oooh, my turn. ♪
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she was in paris, but we talked for hours... everyone else buzzed about the band. there's a wireless mind inside all of us. so, where to next? ♪
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new at 6:00 tonight a study out of england is calling the u.s. postal service the most efficient mail delivery system in the world, but that's little consolation for some folks in frederick. the fredericks news post embarked on an investigation into may delays after the processing center on telco drive closed the end of last year. now frederick people's mail is sorted in baltimore and at least 50 customers find that's led to a delay of weeks and
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weeks in getting their mail. now to virginia where the state senate passed a bill that would repeal a law that limits you to buying only one handgun per month. the house of delegates passed its version of the bill last week. supporters of a repeal say the law is no longer needed because federal gun control laws have proven effective. opponents say it makes no sense to repeal a state law that's pen working. also in rich -- been working. also in richmond a senate committee passed a bill making texting or e-mailing while driving a primary offense in virginia. currently it's a second offense, so a police officer has to stop you for another reason. democrat george barker of fairfax is the sponsor of the bill and he points to a big jump in traffic accidents blamed on people texting behind the wheel. a man in montana says i always wanted to be the bad -- he always wanted to be the bad guy in a high speed police chase. so he started a chase last week hitting 100 miles an hour in front of a patrol car.
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the chase ended when a spike strip was laid out to flatten his tires. the man has pleaded guilty for reckless driving and a fine of 1,000 bucks for living out that fantasy. we have seen years where they have been everywhere and years where they barely notice them. so what will the stink bugs do next? >> reporter: i'm scott broom at university of maryland with a plastic bagful of stink bugs. there's some good news about these guys and some not so good news. >> unfortunately my house has become an experiment. >> reporter: nobody wants to see sink bugs back less than doug inkel of rockville. >> they're still a lively. >> reporter: or polly lowe of urbana and now the bad news. the bugs are out early. >> when we have very mild winters or above average temperatures, these guys become active much quicker. so what we're expecting and what i'm seeing in my house is the stink bugs are on the move already. >> reporter: this disappointing development after the good news that the bug populate appeared to have been
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badly beaten back or flooded out by the 16 inches of rain brought by hurricane irene and tropical storm lee last september. some scientists have speculated that may mean less bugs in 2012 perhaps. others speculating the warm winter is giving them a head start towards an epic comeback. at university of maryland scott broom, 9 news now. >> oh, topper, you've had your share of escapades with the stinky bugs. >> i remember you actually taking and throwing one at derek and i during an 11:00 newscast. >> is that when i did that? >> yes, you did. >> you know what? the best one was when you ate that stink mug taco back in february of last year. do you remember that? >> you've got to remind me. >> you were eating it. >> in living color. >> you were extolling the virtues of cilantro and sink buggage. >> you did well, my friend. >> both of us decided that you would be the best candidate.
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>> the worst part of that is that it was cooked like five hours previously. >> it was garlicky. >> it was okay. >> anita was kind of pulling back a bit after like whoa. >> oh, well, nothing as crazy today. of course, temperatures are around 52, bugs will come back, no doubt about that. the good news is if you want less ticks and mosquitoes and stink bugs it will cool down slowly but surely and don't call me shirley. let's start with a live shot of the white house brought to you by michael and son. clear skies, temps dipping below 50 downtown. they've been below 50 about an hour in the burbs. pressure holding steady 30.10 inches of mercury, dew point falling down to 27, humidity down to 43%, which is not crazy dry air mass. satellite picture radar combined, we see clouds in the plains states, a little moisture in texas. this will move eastward and sort of like a clipper system
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as we get into wednesday. in fact, clouds come in tomorrow night and we could see light rain or snow wednesday, but much like saturday with temps above freezing, it won't matter really around the metro area. a lot of you south of town never saw flakes saturday. a little system passing harmlessly to our south through north and south carolina. that's about it. temps, 45 gaithersburg, 48 rockville, great falls and bethesda, 50 in college park, 45 beltsville. reston 43, 45 sterling and leesburg. we'll cool off slowly but surely, milder tomorrow, not as cold tonight, sunny morning commute. grab the sunglasses and then a bit milder tuesday. for tonight clear and not as cold, a full snow moon even though we don't have any snow. this time two years ago we were getting hammered with the snowmageddon storm. go to our website and check out my blog, fond memories for me.
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winds become northwest at 10, by morning, mostly sunny, breezy and chilly, need a jacket, 30s and 40s but a terrific tuesday by afternoon, mostly sunny, pleasant, high temperatures near 55, winds northwest at 5 to 10. we'll break it down, cold to start, clear, 20s and 30s and noon 46 to 51 and 52 to 56 by evening. next seven days, it gets a little colder. light rain or snow wednesday, low to mid-40s, then temperatures in the mid-40s thursday and friday, another little system over the weekend, flurry, a snow shower possible on sunday. they're sneezing and coughing over here like crazy and we're back in the 30s sunday and monday. >> something is going around the newsroom. >> i just got over my thing. >> that just sort of came out. the whole newsroom, apparently the cap, somebody came by and took it over there. >> it's worse than a sneeze. they got some serious health issues. i'm good, by the way, not sneezing at all.
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caps fans taking a deep breath during yesterday's game after one of their favorites go down. brooks laich could not finish the game. doctors have to look at that knee. a day later eli hanging out with nicky, the spoils of winning it all next. with mickey, the spoils of winning it all next.
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i'm anita brikman with this health alert. more is not better when it comes to fertility treatment. a massive british study shows implanting one or two embryos is enough. granting more during in vitro -- implanting more during in vitro fertilization does not increase the chances of pregnancy but does risk the odds of multiple births. >> this health alert is sponsored by cancer treatment centers of america, care that never quits. our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering.
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and now 9 sports with dave owens, the best sports in town. >> the caps can ill afford to lose more firepower. nicky backstrom is already out. now brooks play. is a question mark, not good news -- brooks laich is a question marks not good news for a team borderline on the playoffs. legal hit, but mike seidenberg injured his leg and couldn't return. yesterday coach hunter said mike was day to day. here's what he said after this morning's skate-around. >> he's a warrior and he wants to play and help us win and with nicky being out we need him in more. so he's a warrior and wants to play and that's what you like about guys like that. >> translated we're still waiting on word on brooks at the doctor's now. another player not practicing mike green, the defenseman
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working his way back from sports hernia surgery. he skated last week. hunter says green did not offer a setback. he just worked out in the gym today. we're looking for more anchor bowl ideas, guys. you been watching kristen berset and i battle it out in all kinds of events currently tied 2-2. go to wusa9's facebook page and give us suggestions on how to break that tie. we've been getting some great suggestions thus far. super bowl the day after one team arrives home happy, the giants, the other with the emptiest feelings that only come with getting to the championship and losing it. that would be the patriots. sorry. new york arriving to a whole lot of fanfare, head coach tom coughlin and the squad celebrating their second super bowl victory in four seasons. meanwhile eli fulfilling his contractual arrangement going to disney world. it's a tough job, isn't it? one day later how sweet it is. >> this isn't about bragging
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rights. this is a lot bigger. this is about a team, an organization being named world champions and that was the ultimate goal. >> we talk an awful lot throughout the course of the year about finish, finish, finish and the young man who won the mvp certainly put our team on his back. >> time to reveal this week's high school game of the week poll. langley at mclean in d.c., coolidge hosts wilson, garfield for 21 straight against hilton. on the ladies side gaithersburg looking for their 43rd straight win host being whitman. go online to vote. we know there's a lot of betting surrounding the super bowl. jonah retnick laid down $1,000 yesterday that the giants would score first and it it would be a say. he got 50-1 odds. the first score was -- a safety. he got 50 within hundred odds. the first score was a safety. he said he'll give it to charity. >> that is it for us.
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cbs evening news is next. >> derek is back at 7:00. good night.

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